The Connection between Lighting and Beauty

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The more you understand about how the lighting you are in affects the way you look, the easier it will be to improve your appearance on a daily basis. There are a startling number of people who don’t even realize how lighting connects with beauty, and it’s truly unfortunate. If you want to look your best like everyone else, it is imperative that you follow a few simple rules.

Soften up your appearance

You will find that softening up the makeup your use will make you look much better in just about any type of lighting that you find yourself in. Softer colors on your face will result in a softer overall appearance. It’s a good idea to use white bulbs when applying your makeup so that you can put it on properly with no regrets later on.

Focus on lights with a high color rendering index

Lights that have a high color rendering index or CRI will allow you to match your makeup with your skin tone much better. If you typically have problems with doing this, then you will definitely want to follow this tip on a daily basis. The type of lights that you put in your home will play a very important role in how well you are able to apply your makeup.

Never use fluorescent lighting at home

In case you haven’t already figured it out, fluorescent lighting is very unflattering and won’t make you look your best. You should always avoid getting fluorescent bulbs for your home because of how terrible they are for your appearance and applying makeup. It is nearly impossible to properly apply makeup when you are doing so under these kinds of lights.

More than one light

It’s always a good idea to have more than one light in your bathroom or wherever you apply your makeup each day. By adding numerous lights you will be able to get more visibility. Those who only have just one light will find it significantly more difficult to apply makeup in such a way as to make themselves look very attractive.

Lower the wattage

Another great thing that you can do to enhance your ability to properly apply makeup at home is to lower the wattage of your bulbs. The lower the wattage, the better you will be able to see. The quantity of the light in your home can be just as important as the quality, so you will need to remember that as well.

Task Lights

Adding task lights can go a long way towards making you look your best when applying makeup. These lights can make a lot of difference when it comes to making sure that your makeup compliments your natural skin tone. There is no doubt that lighting can have a very real effect on your makeup, which is why it is so important to consider all of these things. Task lights are known for their ability to increase visibility, which is crucial when applying makeup.

If you want to put on makeup that is going to look good on you, it is essential that you understand the connection here. There is a huge difference between applying makeup under fluorescent lighting and natural white light.

White lite is ideal for putting on makeup because it results in a subtle use of color that won’t end up making you look like a clown. Fluorescent light is everyone’s worst enemy, simply because of how it brings out the flaws in your face. Makeup is all about hiding flaws, so you will therefore need to put it on under lighting that is going to compliment you.

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