LED Mirror Lights - Which Makeup Mirror Lights Kit Is Best For Me?

Lighting is one of, if not the most important part of your makeup routine. Besides the high quality makeup and brushes and everything else you heavily invest into, lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to applying your makeup. Applying makeup in a poorly lit area could backfire. Your hard work of trying to make yourself look pretty might just do the opposite!

The Big Problem

Unfortunately those Hollywood style vanity makeup mirrors with lights all around it are too expensive. They cost anywhere from $250-$400 for a decent sized mirror. How about those bathroom mirrors with lights built into them? Well those are just as expensive require installation as well to top it off. The average female simply can’t afford all of that.

The Solution?

Fortunately you no longer need to invest hundreds into those lighted makeup mirrors if you can’t afford to. There are led mirror lights kits these days that help you easily and conveniently convert a standard mirror into a lighted makeup mirror . These kits generally run anywhere from $30-$50 and they are very easy to install and setup. They range from the Hollywood style lighting to LED strips styles. Some require a bit more installation than others. But nonetheless, we’ve outlined some of the top ones below along with their ease of installation and appropriate application.

The first kit and this is our personal favorite is the Hollywood style conversion kit. It basically turns any mirror into a $300+ Hollywood style mirror for just $50.

hollywood led mirror lights Buy Hollywood Mirror Lights Kit

  • The kit does not require an electrician since it is powered by a 12V power adapter.
  • The lights are linkable. You can use 1 or all 10 of bulbs depending on the shape and style of your mirror.
  • Very easy to install. The bulbs come with a 3M tape Velcro. Makes installation easy and smooth.
  • Dimmable lighting. A dimmer is built in to adjust the lighting brightness and give you that perfect soft warm white lighting you need.
  • There is 22 inches between each bulb. Which gives you a total of just over 16 feet in length. You can position these bulbs as close as 2 inches from each other or a far as 22 inches apart.

 Hollywood Mirror Lights Kit

All those features and options make this kit a definite winner in our tests.


The next kit is for those who are on a budget. This kit costs less than half the price of the Hollywood style kit. It is only $20.

  • This kit is also easy to install. It uses a 12V power adapter and does not require an electrician’s installation.
  • The lights backing are affixed with double sided tape to help you attach these lights virtually anywhere.
  • This kit does not come with a dimmable dimmer to adjust the lighting. Only an on-off switch.
  • The kit comes in both 5 feet and 10 feet in length.
  • There is only just over 2 inches of spacing between each light strip. Keep in mind that spacing is not much between these light strips.

That’s it for makeup mirror lighting. These kits definitely do make a whole lot of difference compared to an unlit mirror. They are as close as you can possibly get to an actual lighted makeup mirror without breaking the bank.